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MK II Survival System - Walking Stick
MK II Survival System - Walking Stick
MK II Survival System - Walking Stick
MK II Survival System - Walking Stick

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The most versatile survival tool on the market
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90 cm (35.43")107 cm (42.12") POPULAR CHOICE125 cm (49.21")

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• Combines hundreds of dollars worth of tools into one effective alternative.

• Body made using super strong machined aluminium alloy strong enough to hold a person's weight.

• Tools forged from heat-treated solid steel for maximum durability.

• Rust, water, heat and fracture resistance. Handle abuse and impact without dents or scratches.

• Fits neatly into any small bag or simply have it out and use as a walking stick.

1. Harpoon/Sickle

2. Knife/Scaler

3. Saw/Grabber

4. Flat cover/Flint fire starter

5. Tungsten steel tip (Breaker)

Total tools included: 9

Body material: 6061-T6 aluminium alloy (tensile strength of over 45,000). Often found used in car chassis, aircrafts and boats.

Tool material: 420 High carbon stainless steel

Walking stick head: Tungsten steel tip (the strongest natural metal known to man)

Black Oxide is used to coat the body for an extra layer of protection. This coating adds to the corrosive resistance and protects your tool against scratches.


90 cm: 0.98 kg (2.16 lbs)

107 cm: 1.14 kg (2.51 lbs)

125 cm: 1.30 kg (2.86 lbs)

Customer Reviews

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Andre Morrow
Excellent walking stick

I love my new walking stick. I walk in a unincorporated area of South San Jose which has predatory animals which is their home. With my walking stick gives me a little bit a safety relief and pretty light to walk with. This is definitely a 5 star plus rating for a awesome 👌 product.

Walking stick

Awesome well made walking stick!

C Victor Lander
Excellent Walking Stick

This is a fantastic walking stick, strong and sturdy with many features I will probably never need but I’m glad I have. I keep in in my truck at all times.

WOW! I will NEVER leave home without it!

I’ve gone through a lot of staffs in my time, but this is the most rugged, reliable, and most well-made staff you were eating, where, in the world!
I see everyone fusses about its weight… Who is buying this? Eight-year-olds? It weighs like 3 pounds and I’ve got the longest one. There is with every attachment there is lol and I’m THANKFUL for that little extra Weight, and YOU will be too if you ever NEED it! You can’t have something that weighs 2 ounces and expect it to be a quality material… So quit your Bitchin! Really the weight card is really getting old… So unless you were a six year old, let’s stop complaining about that OK?
My only gripe is that I wish they would make a really nice case for the staff, and all of the attachments, may be a tanned, leather case, or even a black tactical case complete with “MOLLE” straps, so I can attach it to all of my other technical wear! C’mon guys! I bought every single attachments you guys have, the least you could do is make me a case LMAO!
BEST STAFF on THIS or any other Planet! You will NOT find Better!

Bock Gary

MK II Survival System - Walking Stick

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We have been around since 2018.

Can I buy extra sections?

Ofcourse, including extra sections, we have different attachments available too. We are also always working on new ones.

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Yes you can. We understand people like to have something in hand before making a decision. For this reason we allow customers to return a product within 100 days if they're not satisfied.

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Yes we do. Get in touch with us with proof of service and one of our customer service reps will get back to you.

What comes with the walking stick?

On the order page, we have pictures showing you exactly what comes according to your choice, and also a detailed written explanation.